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Camp has thousands of minutes, and we planned every one of them.

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The Camp Day

daycamp curriculum

Want to know what you need for the day, the session, or even the whole summer? The supply list helps you organize what you need for the summer.

daycamp curriculum

Gearing up for over 500 activities is simple with our Setup Lists. A setup checklist is included for every day of camp. One staff member can take this list and prepare all of the day's activites in a short amount of time. 

daycamp curriculum

The Master Schedule is a big-picture look at where all the campers are at any time of the camp day. These editable schedules also give you the freedom to move activities around and change the programming to fit your facilities.

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daycamp curriculum

Group Schedules are for the individual camp couselors. Each group has its own daily scedule. On it is a list of the day's activites, times, and even a cheat sheet for rules of games and other important information for the day.

daycamp curriculum

Want to create something? Create! contains instructions, ingredients and step-by-step pictures to guide your campers as you create something unique each day of camp.

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daycamp curriculum

Camp is all about teaching values. Each week we explore one of these values through interactive devotions that any staff member can teach in a small group setting.

daycamp curriculum

We start every day at camp teaching values. StartUp is a large group devotion that introduces the day's idea centered around our weekly value. With worship, a relatable lesson, and a fun game, campers have a blast from the first moments of camp!

daycamp curriculum

At the end of the day, WrapUp with an exciting game show! Campers review the day's lesson and play games to earn points for their team while competing against all the other camp groups.


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daycamp curriculum

Each morning, campers get to choose their first activity of the day. These activities change daily and include areas like science, math, language, fitness, cooking, art, and more! Campers sign up for the activity each day to start the day off their way!

daycamp curriculum

Camp is fun, but what happens when it rains? We have developed a back up plan just in case that happens. It's called "Rain Rain Go Away" 

You can substitute any activity when it rains with a low-cost, no-setup alternate!

The camp scheulde runs from 9-4, but many camps open earlier and stay open later. Launchpad gives you strategies on how to use the extra time, plus activities and sample schedules to make sure every hour of the day is planned and stress-free!

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