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We've crammed as much fun as possible into every part of the day.

Full week camps have extras


We've created a full plan for Specialties, giving your campers 6 new actvitiy choices to start each day.

  • Includes curriculum for 6 custom hands-on specialties: Science, Art, Math, Reading, Cooking, and Fitness.

  • Activities are separated in age groups (3 activities daily per age group): 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds

  • Each activity includes a detailed description of how to complete it

  • Purchase and Setup lists to make preparing the activities simple

  • Full Specialties plan for up to 6 groups per day (300 activities for 10 sessions)

  • Guide on how to implement Specialties

  • Custom sign-up sheets for every activity in Specialties

Rain Rain Go Away

Oh no! The weather outside isn't cooperating with the camp schedule. What do you do? Have no fear, we've created a companion schedule for camp that you can use at any time when the weather turns sour.

  • Custom rain plan for every day of camp

  • Gives an alternate activity for every outdoor activity in the schedule, which can be replaced on a per-activity basis

  • Activities keep the same ratio of active/inactive

  • Activities keep the same daily themes

  • Over 200 activities that require little to no setup or extra materials


Many camps operate for more than 7 hours a day. We've put together the best ideas for what to do in those extra hours.

  • Daily ideas and activities for before and after camp

  • Strategies on how to use your facility to fill extra hours

  • Schedules for multiple hours of pre-and post-camp recreation

  • Activities require little to no setup or extra materials

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