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What is a summer day camp?

A day camp runs during the summer for around 6-10 hours a day (depending on your state regulations). Many day camps run 8 hours a day, from 9 am - 5 pm. Unlike an overnight camp, campers leave each day. A day camp is most effective for working parents who need a place for their children to go during the summer.

How long does camp last?

Some camps provide a day camp program for one week as a replacement for VBS. Other camps choose to run for half of the summer (about 5 weeks). Some organizations run up to 10 full weeks, with camp 5 days a week. KidSpot offers programming from 5 days to 50 days, for all sizes of day camps.

What age groups does Camp KidSpot include?

Camp KidSpot contains programming for 5-12 year old's. Campers are split into separate age groupings throughout the day. Additionally, we encourage organizations to utilize interns (age 13-17) to assist with camp. Interns gain valuable work and ministry experience by being a part of camp.

How does summer camp compare to VBS?

A VBS program typically runs for one week, and is run by volunteers. Many churches offer VBS for free. A day camp runs all summer, giving you hundreds more hours of ministry and discipleship. Parents typically pay tuition and a registration fee for camp. This allows you to employ and compensate a staff to run the entire program.



How long does it take to start a camp?

Starting a camp is different at every chuch or school, depending on the organizational structure, your state, and your facility. Some camps begin programs in less than a month. Other camps could take several months if you have a more complicated licensing process in your state. Contact us with information about your organization and we can give you an estimate to get your camp running!



Do I need a license to run a day camp?

Licensing is handled in a variety of ways based on your state. Many states do not require a license. Day camps only run when there is no school, so they are considered different than a daycare center or school. We can help walk you through the process in your state to make sure your camp is successful and follows appropriate guidelines. If you'd like to find out what the requirements are in your state, contact us here ►.



How do I recruit volunteers to help with camp?

A day camp is operated by a dedicated staff. Rather than seeking volunteers, camps employ counselors and directors that run the program. This gives your ministry an opportunity to create jobs for your church and the local community. We encourage organizations to seek teenage volunteers (ages 13-17) to assist the program as interns. KidSpot will provide hours of training videos for your key staff to prepare them for camp. Additionally, KidSpot offers a camp training conference where we teach camp best practices to all your staff. Learn more about it here.



What's the first thing I should do to start a camp?

Contact us and we will help walk you through the process. When you partner with Camp KidSpot, we will provide hours of training videos that explain how to use what's contained in the package. Start by using the Summer Day Camp Guide, which includes detailed instructions on how to begin preparing your camp program.

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