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Why Summer Day Camp?

A summer day camp can shift a ministry, inspire a community, and shape the hearts of children and youth. Here are just three ways a day camp can help your ministry.


Day camp increases discipleship.

Campers spend time every day of the summer learning and growing in important values. Each hour of camp is an opportunity to minister, to disciple, and to make an impact on the hearts and souls of children. With over 350 hours in every summer, just one summer of camp can make an even bigger difference than an entire childhood of Sunday ministry. Campers get constant small-group attention, and are encouraged to test out the values in real life situations.


Day camp encourages growth.

The more you do in your community, the more the community will value your ministry. When parents and campers come to a place every day for a summer and have a great experience, they are more likely to visit during the school year and see what it's like. Camp is an outreach to all the members of the community who need a place for their children to go during the summer. By being that safe place, you make a statement to your area that your church is the spot for kids.


Day camp creates revenue.

A summer day camp program can help you fund your outreach. In addition to paying for itself (supplies, curriculum, and staffing), a day camp can create additional funding you can use to help pay for important outreach programs and ministries. Create jobs for your community and church and provide valuable work experience for your middle and high school students.


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