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KidSpot Weekly Curriculum

The most important thing we do at camp is teach values.

We spend time every day deepening relationships with God.

StartUp begins the day with a fun large group devotion that introduces the day's theme.

  • Includes an exciting up-front game that helps teach the weekly Value

  • Daily song suggestions for worship

  • A physical activity to get campers up and active

  • A daily theme video (purchased separately)


In addition, you’ll receive:

  • 5 game countdown videos with high-energy music

  • Purchase list for each session for items needed



Anchor 6


  • Daily devotion written for use by any staff member to lead a small group devotion

  • Devotions are interactive, designed to teach campers important spiritual truths by listening AND doing

  • Devotions are themed per week to talk about one specific value, which is an action all campers can do in their lives (such as love or respect)



WrapUp concludes each camp day by reminding campers about the value in a game show where groups compete each week.

  • An exciting up-front game idea for each day of camp that teaches the value

  • Tons of ideas for engaging game show point systems

  • 10 game countdown videos with high-energy music

  • Extra game music to make WrapUp exciting

  • 5 Custom scoreboards to digitally display team scores

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