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 Weekly Camp

These are the gears that keep KidSpot day camp curriculum running all summer long.


  • Schedules for a 7 hour day of camp (more programming available in Launchpad)

  • Separate daily schedule for 6 groups, separated by age group

  • Master schedule for directors to see where every group is throughout the day

  • Each camp day has a new activity theme

  • The activities are programmed to balance indoor, outdoor, active, inactive, water, and creative activities

  • A new activity every 30 minutes to keep campers moving and having fun all day long

  • Activities Guide with instructions for every activity which can be given to camp counselors and staff



Director Tools

  • Summer Day Camp Guide for directors detailing how to start your camp program and some valuable keys to success 

  •  Setup lists so you’ll know exactly what you need and how to set it up

  • Forms, Reports, and Documents to manage camp

  • Camp Budget:  An overview of camp costs and benefits you can take to your board or senior leadership

  • Camp Confidential: Details about important activities and special instructions just for directors

  • Over 100 hands-on creative activities

  • Step-by-step instructions for counselors and campers on how to create

  • Includes pictures to guide your counselors through each project

  • All the patterns and printables you need for the activities

  • Lists for activities and special events you can use to make activities personalized




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