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5 Water Games For $10!

Pools are amazing fun in the summer! But not everyone has the space or budget for a pool. So we went down to the local dollar store and dreamed up 5 variations of some of our camp water games that you can play at home with your family! We found all of these items for around $10 total. You can use a hose in place of the tub for most of the games.

Here’s what you need to play all 5 games:

3 Plastic Cups (16-24 oz.)

2 Buckets (you may need extra if you have multiple teams, see below)

1 Large Tub/Water Source

Water Balloons

Sponges (1 pack of large sponges)

Splash Catcher Set (one per team)

1 Deck Of Cards

1) The Raindrop Race

What You Need:

2 Plastic Cups (16-24 oz.), 2 Buckets, Tub Of Water

What To Do:

Cut a single hole in the bottom of both cups (about the width of a pen). Divide into two teams (this game works with 2 or more players). Place the buckets on one side of the playing area and have the players stand next to their bucket. On the opposite end, place the large bucket or water source. On “go,” the players run down to the other end, fill up their cups, and run back towards their buckets. The player must hold the cup over his or her head at all times while running. Once the player makes it back to the bucket, he pours the water into the bucket. If more than one player on a team, he then passes the cup to the next player, who takes a turn. Teams continue in this way until one team fills up their bucket to a predetermined line or until the water runs out. The team with the most water in their bucket wins.

2) Bucket Catch

What You Need:

Water Balloons, 2 Buckets per team

What To Do:

Using the buckets, do a classic water balloon toss (similar to an egg toss). Players stand about 10 feet apart. One player places the water balloon in their bucket. The player tosses the balloon (using the bucket) to the other player, who attempts to catch it in his/her bucket. If the player misses or the balloon breaks, the game is over. If the players succeed, they each take one medium sized step backwards, away from each other, and throw again. The object of the game is to be the furthest away and make a catch. If you have enough people and supplies for multiple teams, count off 3-2-1 and have the teams toss at the same time. Note: You can also play this game with small cut up sponges (1/2 of a regular size sponge) if you run out of balloons.

3) Sponge Tag

What You Need:

Sponges (large), Tub Of Water (water source)

What To Do:

This is a normal game of tag, except that the player who is “it” has a sponge to tag with. Set a boundary area to play in. Give “it” a sponge, and have them soak it in water. On go, all the other players run away from "it," trying to avoid being tagged. “It” must tag the other players with a sponge. If this happens, the player who is tagged becomes the new “it,” soaks the sponge again, and play continues. Play for about 5 minutes. Take a break between games. Note: If you have a larger group, you might want to have more than one player be “it.”

4) Balloon Catcher

What You Need:

Splash Catcher Set (one per team), Water Balloons, Plastic Cup, Tub of Water/Water Source

What To Do:

Play a few warm-up rounds with the splash catcher as intended (dip it into water and toss it between two players, who attempt to catch it). Once players get the hang of it, make the catch more complicated. One player uses the catcher to fling a small water balloon (you don’t want these to be too heavy) towards the other player, who attempts to catch it with his splash catcher. If the player is successful, he throws the balloon back. If the player misses a catch, the other player gets to dump a cup of water on him. If the balloon breaks, the player gets two cups dumped on him. Note: You may also want to add a rule than an “uncatchable throw” gets a cup of water dumped on the thrower instead.

5) Red Or Black

What You Need:

Deck Of Cards, Plastic Cup, Tub of Water (Water Source)

What To Do:

Find a nice shady spot and sit in a circle (or across from each other if two players). Place the deck of cards in the middle. Each player takes turns taking the card off the top of the deck.

For two players: If the player picks a red card (right on me!), he dumps a cup of water on himself. If the player picks a black card (back to you!), he dumps a cup of water on the other player.

For three or more players: If the player picks a red card (red=right), he dumps a cup of water on the player to the right. If the player picks a black card, he dumps a cup of water on the player to his left.

Play continues in this way until the deck runs out of cards.

Note: If you have a larger group, you can also play this as an elimination game. When the player gets the water dumped on him, then he is out of the game. The game continues until only two players remain. Switch to the two player rules for the last round.

Want to see more ideas for a ministry or summer camp? Visit KidSpot’s Idea Factory at:!ideafactory/c1mdb


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