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5 Back Pocket Camp Games

No matter how prepared you are for camp, you always need extra camp games to get you through rainy days or spare time. We've put together 5 quick and easy activities that require no supplies. Name 5 The object of this game is for campers to name 5 of something in a particular category. Split the campers into teams. Each team writes down 5 answers in each category. After all the teams are finished, they read the answers out loud. Teams earn 1 point for each answer, and 2 points for an answer no other team came up with. Here's 10 categories to get you started. Name 5: -Movies with a princess -States that start with an "M" -States that start with an "N" -Fruits -Baseball Teams -Candy Bars -Colors of the rainbow -(of) Santa's reindeer -Types of soda -Vegetables that aren't green Linked Up Four Corners Play a normal version of four corners, but with a twist. Campers pair up in groups of two, standing back to back and linking elbows. Pairs stay together, working as one unit, moving to the corners. The game gets played in the same way, with the leader turning his/her back, counting to 20, then calling out one of the corners. All the pairs in that corner are out. Play until one pair remains. That pair wins! Split up into new pairs and play again. Anywhere In The World In this game, campers sit in a circle. Every other person is on either team A or team B. The first person in the game says the name of a place in the world. The person sitting next to them clockwise must then say a name of a place in the world that starts with the last letter of the previous players answer. Campers can use a city, state, country, continent, river, or geographical formation, even the name of a famous building. As long as it is a place, it counts! Continue until a player misses or can’t answer. For younger campers, the counselor should tell the last letter of the previous answer to help out the next player. Team Tag Play a regular version of tag, but split the campers into 3 teams. Team one is the tops: they place a hand on their head. Team two is the middles: they put a hand on their stomach. Team three is the shoulders: they put a hand on their shoulder. Play with regular tag rules. When a team tags someone, they become a part of the other team (if a "top" tags a "middle", that person becomes part of the "tops" and starts doing their motion). If two people tag each other at the same time, it's a draw and nothing happens. Would You Ever? Ask campers to discuss these questions. Each camper should give an answer and explain their answer to the group. -Would you ever go skydiving? -Would you ever move to a foreign country? -Would you ever shave all your hair off? -Would you ever eat a cricket? -Would you ever toss a pie in someone’s face?


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