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-Schedules for a 7 hour day of camp

-Separate daily schedule for 6 groups, separated by age group

-Master schedule for directors to see where every group is throughout the day

-Each camp day has a new activity theme

-The activities are programmed to balance indoor, outdoor, active, inactive, water, and creative activities

-A new activity every 30 minutes to keep campers moving and having fun all day long

-Over 350 activities (in 10 sessions), so campers aren’t stuck doing the same activities over and over

-Activities Guide with instructions for every activity which can be given to camp counselors and staff


Director Tools:

-Summer Day Camp Guide for directors detailing how to start your camp program and some valuable keys to success 

-Purchase and setup lists so you’ll know exactly what you need and how to set it up

-Camp Budget:  An overview of camp costs and benefits you can take to your board or senior leadership

-Camp Confidential: Details about important activities and special instructions just for directors



-Over 100 hands-on creative activities

-Step-by-step instructions for counselors and campers on how to create

-Includes pictures to guide your counselors through each project



-All the patterns, printables, and lists for activites and special events 



-Daily devotion written for use by any staff member to lead a small group devotion

-Devotions are themed per week to talk about one specific value, which is an action all campers can do in their lives (such as love or respect)

Sample Schedule

Setup List

Sample Devotion

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